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General Guidelines

All rosters must be submitted to the State Registrar before a team participates in scrimmages, league games, or tournaments.

North Dakota Amateur Hockey is founded on "Community Based Hockey." Simply put, you play for the community in which you reside and where you attend school. There are numerous benefits to community based hockey and many of our rules, regulations and practices are designed to support this founding principle.

Penalities for Not Meeting Registration Requirements

Teams with non-registered players or coaches, or playing against non-registered teams, or playing in non-sanctioned tournaments are subject to penalties up to and including no participation in District, Region, and State Tournaments.


When the requirements below have been met, the insurance provided by membership in ND/USA Hockey is in effect. This includes Sports Accident Coverage, Catastrophic Injury Coverage and Liability Coverage. Refer to the Membership brochure for information on this coverage. Further, the local associations are protected by the ND/USA Hockey Liability Insurance against player injury provided that all participants (players, coaches and managers) and all teams of the local association are registered.

In addition to players, coaches and managers, certain other individuals considered essential to the game are also covered during games. These individuals include timekeepers, scorekeepers, penalty box attendants and goal judges.

Registration Requirements
1. Each player and coach on the team is individually registered with USA/ND Hockey by completing the online registration process on the USA Hockey web site and completing the process by being claimed by their local association or having their local association transmit the information via USA Hockey Registration Portal.  
2. All players and all coaches, having been individually registered above, are listed on the Official USA Hockey Team roster. (Note: This does not mean listed on a roster somewhere; it means listed on the roster of the team on which they are participating).
3. The team must be participating in a sanctioned event. Sanctioned events are team practices, scrimmage games against other registered teams, league games, tournament games played in sanctioned tournaments, ND Hockey District, Region and State Tournaments and USA Hockey National Tournaments. All games must be played using USA Hockey playing rules and all referees must be registered with USA Hockey. If a team participates in international competition, including Canada, a travel permit is required.

Any team that participates in competition against a non-registered team, participates in a non-sanctioned tournament or participates in international competition without a travel permit is subject to penalties including suspension by ND Hockey.

The following are exceptions to the above:
1. Prior to the regular hockey season it is recognized that Associations may conduct clinics and tryouts that are necessary to decide who is assigned to which team. This period is between when the individual members register and the regular season teams are formed and actually begin playing games. During this period all members are covered by the insurance described above provided that all of the participants (players, coaches and managers) are individually registered prior to participating in any activities. The assumption here is that all participants will ultimately appear on the roster of a registered team. This exception only applies in the fall prior to the regular season. It does not apply to spring or summer programs even though these programs are run by the local association. Note that every participant (players, coaches and managers) must be registered with their local association prior to participation in any activity and that these registrations must be sent to the Registrar  not later than ten (10) days following the commencement of these activities.

2. From time to time it may be desirable to have High School players that are not registered members of USA/ND Hockey to provide some coaching assistance for younger youth teams. If this occurs once or twice during the regular season, these individuals will be covered as incidental participants and it is not necessary for them to be registered or rostered. If it occurs more than once or twice, then the individuals must be registered and rostered on the team.

3.If any Association wants to run a spring and or summer program that is essentially a clinic format, then additional registrations are required. The players and coaches participating in this spring or summer clinic need to be individually registered and be listed on roster(s) of a registered team(s). Individual registration runs from May 1, to April 30 so all players and coaches will have to register for the new season before they participate in spring or summer programs. This can be done alphabetically or otherwise with a limit of twenty (20) players per roster. If the spring or summer program is essentially a league of fixed teams participating in a series of games, then these teams must be registered as a team following all the rules for registering teams.

It is recognized that some teams use scrimmage games as part of their tryout process. It is acceptable for a team to participate in 2 or 3 scrimmage games as part of the tryout process and because this is part of the tryout process, rosters are not required to be signed by the Registrar or cognizant Associate Registrar.
It is further recognized that once tryouts are completed, teams may participate in two (2) scrimmage games before their roster is verified and signed. After tryouts are complete, the basic registration requirements must be met.

1. The individual membership registrations for all participants (players and coaches) must have been received by the State Registrar
2. A copy of the team roster must be in the possession of the Affiliate Registrar. This roster should be clearly marked “preliminary” or “temporary”.
Notes concerning the team roster in 2 above:
This roster must contain the names of all of the participants (players and coaches). This roster does not have to be signed by the players or coaches. This roster does not have to be approved by the “Proper Authority”. This roster is only valid for pre-season scrimmage games. It is not valid for League Games, Tournament games or games played outside of USA Hockey (i.e. Canada). Games played while this temporary roster is in effect, do not count toward meeting the National Tournament eligibility requirements. This roster will be retained by the Affiliate Registrar until the Official Roster is validated and approved, at which time, the Affiliate Registrar will discard this temporary roster.

Coaches and officials can register via the same link as players. Please note that coaches and officials have certain obligations they must fulfill to complete their registration and certification process. Visit their respective pages on the North Dakota Amateur Hockey website for additional details on these expectations.

Coaches must complete a state approved background check and USA Hockey Safe Sport Training (Online) prior to player contact.